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The key to success in your fight against Fat Loss

Health & Nutrition Articles
Health & Nutrition Articles

By Chris Wilde at Takapuna


What did you have for dinner last night? What about breakfast? What WILL you have for lunch tomorrow? When was the last time you relaxed your nutrition and enjoyed an evening drinking a glass of wine (or four)?

Now, we all know what we should be eating more of and what we should be eating less of yet HOW MANY OF US ACTUALLY KEEP A RECORD OF WHAT WE CONSUME? Hint: probably those who are reducing bodyfat while training hard, gaining strength and feeling fabulous!

When trying to make changes to our body composition (looking and feeling better) are we immediately setting ourselves up for failure by leaving it to chance and just hoping for the best when it comes to achieving success? Wouldn't you rather proudly stroll in to the Results Room knowing that over the past two months you have taken control over your nutrition and your results are all but guaranteed?

With nutrition being all important in our transformations, wouldn't it seem a little crazy to not pay close attention to our weekly nutrition and have a record of where we went well, indifferent or horribly wrong?

Let's look at other aspects of our lives. Finances for example. Now, would you recklessly spend all of your hard-earned money on fancy cars, expensive holidays, the latest fashion accessories, extravagant dinners out each week and so on without ensuring the money coming in could match that going out? I didn't think so. Chances are we are all a lot more sensible than that and have in place a budgeting system to ensure our financial security and that of future generations. Plus, we have the expendable income to live life to the fullest!

So why should our approach to nutrition be any different to ensure our long-term health? If we can record and monitor our finances, why can't we apply the same efforts to our nutrition?

Monitoring what we eat and at what times of the day can highlight many things. Are we eating the best food for recovery after exercise and putting enough of the right fuel in our body at breakfast to kick-start metabolism and sustain energy through the day? Do we have destructive patterns or emotional triggers that cause us to reach for a naughty treat? Being aware of these raises our understanding of why we may not be moving forward and can provide the answers for ensuring we get back on track to achieving success.

Whether we count calories, macro requirements, score our meal choices or simply assessing eating habits, it is important everything you eat and drink is written down. THE ONLY PERSON WE ARE CHEATING IS OURSELF AS WE FAIL TO BE HONEST TO OURSELF.

It is best to keep a food diary on you at all times and record food consumption as soon as it happens. Waiting till the end of the day can mean forgetting all that has happened therefore not being recorded.

Better yet, why not complete the food diary in advance so you have already made the conscious decisions that your food choices of the day will fit your transformational goals. Therefore, reducing friction and the chances of straying off track. All you will need to do is follow the plan!

If you feel you would benefit from sitting down with one of our team of trainers then please don't hesitate to reach out. Why wait on taking control and owning our nutrition? As trainers we will be able to guide you through how to schedule your nutrition and ensure your behaviours match that of your goals.



*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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