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Getting Too Hungry On Your Macros?

Left feeling hungry? In this Vision PT article, we discuss why you might be left hungry on your macronutrient goals and how to address it.
Health & Nutrition Articles
Health & Nutrition Articles

By Brandon Gerial at Baulkham Hills

A common problem for those who follow macronutrients, or any calorie deficit nutrition program for that matter, is that they feel like they aren't eating much food.

In a starting place, you want to choose the "best choices" food options which include things like fruits and vegetables, unmarinated/flavoured meats, pretty much food in its rawest form. But you can even go a step further into choosing more fuller food for the macronutrient value. Try eating more micro-nutrient dense, usually higher water loaded and fibrous foods. 

In the example below, have a look at the total volume of food required to meet 20g of carbs for each of the different foods. I can guarantee you will struggle + feel fuller eating 520g of strawberries compared to 101g of banana!! There are plenty of other examples like this, including sources of protein/100g serve. E.g. have 30g protein from 135g chicken breast instead of 100g of sirloin. I'm not saying to cut out foods that you enjoy, but if you're needing more from your macros or get hungry all the time, try this (also look at your cardio if you're hungry all the time)

For long term success, education on nutrition like this, is what will make the difference in your compliance to macros and hence fat loss. Remember you have access to nutrition sessions, shopping tours and seminars to be able to improve your knowledge, and don't forget the all might food diary!



*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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