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Foods To Increase Mental Performance

Can food actually improve your mental performance? We discuss what food is good for the brain.
Foods for Mental Performance
Foods for Mental Performance

By Francesco Cimino, Personal Trainer at Frenchs Forest

Can food in general or certain types of food improve your mental performance? Is there such a thing as “food for brain health”? As we get older, you can experience cognitive decline which refers to experiences of more frequent brain fog, concentration, confusion and memory loss. Including balanced and nutritious foods to our diet have a number of benefits, including improving mental performance. So what are the best foods for mental clarity?

Food for brain health include examples such as fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains. Aiming to get protein from sources such as plants and fish are also great foods for mental clarity. And when it comes to your fat macronutrient, aiming to make healthier choices such as olive oil, canola, etc will be great foods for mental alertness. 

What food is good for the brain?

There are different types of food you can focus on to help with mental performance and these include, but are not limited to; green vegetables, fatty fish,, tea and coffee and walnuts. So how exactly do these foods impact mental performance?

Green vegetables such as kale, spinach, collards and broccoli are rich in specific nutrients that are highly beneficial for the brain, these include; vitamin K, lutein, folate and beta carotene. Evidence has shown these foods minimize the decline in cognitive function, especially as we age, making it a great food for brain health. 

Fatty fish are shown to have large portions of omega-3 fatty acids which is recognised as a healthy unsaturated fat. In turn, this has shown signs of minimizing the risk of forming a specific protein which over time has and can affect people with Alzheimer’s.

Who would have imagined foods for mental clarity also include a cup of tea or coffee. Studies have indicated that people who consume higher levels of caffeine tend to also score better on tests on mental function. 

Lastly, nuts have shown to be excellent sources of protein and healthy fats. According to studies, nuts such as; walnuts – have been shown to improve memory and maintain cognitive function.

Through many evidential studies it's been shown that through building the foundation of a well balanced diet this can help to maintain mental performance. 

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