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Flush It Out

Why your daily hydration habits have such an impact on your health and fitness journey.

By John Carpenter, Owner at Mona Vale

Water makes up roughly 60% of our total body mass and plays numerous roles in our day-to-day bodily functions. As a rule of thumb, we want to be aiming for 2-3 litres of water daily (adding an extra 500ml for every 30 minutes of exercise you do). The main reasons we need this level of daily hydration are:

  1. Regulate your body temperature. Your body temperature will rise if you don’t replenish your water stores you lose from sweat. This is because your body loses electrolytes and plasma when dehydrated.
  2. Protect spinal cord and joints. It lubricates and cushions your joints and tissues and lessens discomfort cause from conditions like arthritis.
  3. Get rid of bodily waste. It helps excrete waste from the body through urination, sweat and bowel movements. This ensures efficient kidney function to process the waste in the body and avoid constipation.
  4. Maximise physical performance. Our muscles are made up of 75% water and slight dehydration can reduce your power, strength, and endurance capabilities.
  5. Nutrient absorption. Helps dissolve vitamins and minerals from your foods and then distribute them through your body.

These are just some of the many areas water can help us stay healthy and fighting fit in our journey. Some quick tips to help you get enough water in your day is to always carry your water bottle with you, start and finish the day with a glass of water, set drink reminders on your phone, and to even track your consumption so you have real life data to give you feedback on how you’re doing.

For more help with your daily health and fitness habits, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at Vision Personal Training Mona Vale.

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