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Fibre to Boost Fat Loss

Fibre plays a crucial role in losing that stubborn fat and keeping it off for good!

By Max Sudiro, Personal Trainer at Baulkham Hills

It isn’t the first thing that people think of when it comes to achieving amazing fat loss results, however fibre plays a crucial role in losing that stubborn fat and keeping it off for good! The importance of fibre in conjunction with healthy eating can have amazing results on things like your blood sugar, insulin sensitivity and slowing the digestion of your food. The impact of fibre lowers the GI of foods, keeping you fuller for longer and preventing those afternoon sugar cravings with your cup of tea. 

There are two types of fibre and they are categorised by how they interact with water inside your body. Insoluble fibre helps with digestion through the small and large intestine helping food move through for a healthy stool. Contrastingly, soluble fibre forms a thick gel which slows the absorption of food through the gut. A recent study in 2011 showed a reduction in stomach fat by 3.7% through the incorporation of 10g of added soluble fibre to their diet. (Hairston et al.)

The benefits continue to grow as we learn more and more about gut health and creating what they call a healthy microbiome. There are over 100 trillion types of bacteria that live inside our gut and these bacteria feed on different types of fibre. There have been studies that have shown that eating a wide variety of fibrous foods are linked to reduced belly fat. This may be due to fibres ability to feed that bacteria to create enzymes that assist in fat loss and similar outcomes.

The application of fibre as a natural appetite suppressant is another big win if you are trying to shift those kilos. The soluble fibre aids by reducing the release of a hormone called ghrelin also known as the ‘hunger hormone’ leading to less calorie consumption through the day leading to weight loss. The regulation of ghrelin coupled with the slow release of glucose leads to a well managed insulin line, helping you feel full and lose weight at the same time!

There are many foods that contain soluble and insoluble fibre and here is a list just to name a few! Oats, Fruits, Nuts, Seeds, Dark Leafy Veg, Cruciferous Veg and Legumes. The benefits of fibre can have a profound impact on results and should definitely be considered when planning your diet.

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