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Eating Healthy vs. Eating To Lose Weight

In this Vision Personal Training article we show you how eating healthy and eating to lose weight are very different and what you should be doing.
Health & Nutrition Articles
Health & Nutrition Articles

By Shaun Burn at Baulkham Hills

There is a big misconception that eating healthy and eating to lose weight is the same thing. In some cases, this is incorrect and can actually be detrimental to health or trying to lose weight.

Eating fruit after dinner or before bedtime

Many people often feel like something sweet after dinner or before bedtime and turn to fruit as an alternative to chocolate or ice cream as fruit is seen as "healthy". As fruit is high in sugar if we don't burn off that sugar consumed from the fruit before we go to sleep it can have a negative effect on weight loss. The suggestion would be to have a protein alternative that has minimal carbs.

Food labels that say either "Sugar free" or "Fat Free"

Without studying the nutritional label on these products, they can actually be quite misleading and aren't as good to have as we first think. 

Foods labelled as "Sugar Free" are usually high in fat, and foods labelled as "Fat Free" are usually high in sugar. The reason for this being foods get its taste or flavour from either fat or sugar so when they take out fat (for example) they usually have to compensate by adding more sugar. So, the moral of the story is to make sure you read the nutritional information properly before buying it based off the packaging information.

No such thing as having too much "good fats"

Omega 3 fats have a lot of health benefits but like most foods if we over indulge on healthy fats it still has an adverse effect on weight loss. Due to fats being more calorie dense than protein and carbs it will still lead to weight gain. It is still suggested you still to your macro levels for fats for this reason.


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