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5 Tips To Stay Motivated This Winter

How are you going to stay motivated this Winter?

By John Carpenter, Owner at Mona Vale

The colder mornings have started, the warm bed sounds more inviting than an early morning workout, the hearty meal sounds better than chicken and vegetables – how are you going to stay motivated this Winter? Let’s have a look at 5 top tips to keep you on track through the colder months.

  1. Eat More. Yes you read that right, eat more! Now let’s not confuse this with eat poor quality foods. The focus this Winter should be high quality nutritious foods, and lots of them. Think roasted vegetables, nice warm oats in the morning, big portions of yummy meat sources at night, curries, stir fry, etc. All healthy meals with vitamins and nutrients to keep you healthy and on track.
  2. Sleep More. Easier said than done right? Wrong. I challenge you to be more disciplined with your bedtime this Winter. Getting 8hrs sleep nightly decreases the release of your hunger hormone and promotes more fat loss in the body, so let’s use it to our advantage. Start small, go to bed 30mins earlier than you do now. That just means 30mins less watching TV or scrolling your phone, simple.
  3. Goal Session.  At Vision we sit down with our members every two months for a goal setting session. This is to ensure we track your progress, get feedback and update your exercise and eating program. This is key to long-term success. Pausing for a moment to reflect on your journey and remind yourself WHY you’re doing what you’re doing can really boost motivation and keep you on track.
  4. Summer Body.  Do you want to look and feel amazing next Summer? If you answered yes, you need to start yesterday! Time flies and great results take time. Start now to ensure as soon as the weather warms back up, you’re fit, toned and ready to enjoy the best Summer of your life.
  5. Get a Personal Trainer. Obviously a bit of bias coming from me here, but it’s because it works. We all know what to do and generally how to do it… so why aren’t we all in the body we desire? The answer is simple, lack of accountability. Having a coach in your corner ensures you don’t miss training sessions, your food is on point, your progress is being tracked and adjusted where necessary, and you get the results you actually want.

I hope these 5 tips help you this Winter be the healthiest and fittest version you can be. If you want any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact myself and the team at Vision Personal Training Mona Vale.

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