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14 tips to help boost your health and immune system!

Health & Nutrition Articles
Health & Nutrition Articles

By Kaillum Key at Wollongong

In the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic people are taking 10x more care of their physical hygiene but there isn't as much focus on how to boost your overall health and immune system which is ultimately our body's best defence against ANY kind of infection.
So below we have 14 tips on how to increase your overall health and support your bodies immune system. These are NOT cures for any disease but a good way to help the body stay at its best. LET'S GO!
1)      Bright coloured fruit: High in antioxidants and flavonoids.
2)      Dark Chocolate (NOT CADBURY MILK) 70-80%: High in Antioxidants, this is not a free pass to horde the whole shelf.
3)      Turmeric: Assists with digestion, neutralising acid and anti-inflammatory.
4)      Oily Fish: High in Omega 3 helping inflammation reduction.
5)      Broccoli: High in Vitamin C and helps fight viral infection.
6)      Sweet Potato: High in Vitamin A which is great for skin health (easier to absorb when there are adequate levels of good fat in the diet).
7)      Spinach (Raw or wilted is better): High in Flavonoids and Vitamin E. Also helps reduce the impact of the common cold.
8)      Ginger: Another anti-inflammatory agent- hence why its popular in teas.
9)      Green tea: relaxing effect and detoxifying, a more relaxed state with less toxins allows the immune system to fight other issues such as the cold/flu.
10)  Kefir: Fights bacteria and is anti-inflammatory. Probiotic yoghurts are a good option.
11)  Sunflower seeds: good fats to help with nutrient absorption.
12)  Almonds: high in magnesium, can assist with digestion and another source of good fats. All nuts are a good source of healthy fats so don't feel limited to almonds.
13)  Kiwi fruit: High in Vitamin C, (more than oranges).
14)  Red capsicum: Again, high in Vitamin C.
Try combining a few of these to get more bang for your back, for example, a salad with spinach, capsicum and almonds with salmon and a green tea. Smoothies are also a great idea such as berries, nut butter and protein powder with a little probiotic yoghurt blended with water or almond milk. There is a lot of options so get creative!
As always, a well-rounded diet will yield the best overall health profile, plenty of veg and fruit, lean protein and healthy fats all in a controlled manner will give you the best chance to be at your healthiest!
*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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