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Vanessa Mcgurk

Transformation of mind, body and soul
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Client from Wynyard

Vanessa McGurk (after)

"My journey with Vision Personal Training Hunter Street started almost three years ago and since then, I have never looked back.

Prior to joining Vision, there were many years where I worked 12-hour shifts in jobs I didn't enjoy, smoked full-time, partied too much, didn't eat enough, or when I did eat, it was unhealthy, nutritionally poor food. I was also very skinny, had no muscle or strength as was basically a workaholic. During these tough years, I tried the big chain gym and fitness centres, but felt uncomfortable or out of place and had no idea about fitness or training. My visit to the gym consisted of running or walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes. I was too scared or clueless to even know how to pick up a dumbbell, so walking into the weights area was out of the question.

Then, three years ago I managed to secure an amazing job, for a company that allowed me to have a great work-life balance. It was at this same time that I decided to get my health and fitness in order.

I knew about Vision Personal Training Hunter Street through a best friend of mine. He was, and still is a Personal Trainer for Vision. I knew how much he loved his job and saw photos of his clients on social media. So, I took the plunge, called him and set up a visit. Immediately I signed up, and Vision Personal Training Hunter Street is where I began my health and fitness journey.

I was a tiny, little thing when I started, not very strong at all. My goals were to get fitter and improve my mental health through exercise and nutrition. From a strength aspect, where I am now is a hundred times better from where I started, and I didn't think I could ever become as strong or as fit as I am now. I love lifting weights and doing strength classes at the studio! Then, I discovered Run Club.

I was not a runner at all when I first joined. However, after few Wednesday morning Run Clubs with the Hunter Street crew around Sydney harbour, I began to really appreciate and enjoy it. I remember the first time I ever ran the 7km Bay Run, I was stoked! I wanted more! Since then, I have ran various 10 km charity runs and the City2Surf. I almost made it to my first ever half marathon, however, three weeks before the race, I suffered a knee injury and unfortunately, could not attend.

In addition to my knee injury, I also suffered from a sudden, acute injury to an undiagnosed, chronic neck problem as a result of my seated work environment. Nevertheless, with the guidance and motivation of my Personal Trainer and friends at Vision Personal Training Hunter Street, I was able to continue my training and rehab and have come out stronger, with a better understanding of my body. I have not let these injuries stop me from missing out on what I came here to achieve. I have now recovered from my neck injury and have returned, slowly but surely, to running. The half-marathon in 2018 is still in sight, this is my next goal and can't wait to achieve it!

I now have a greater understanding and appreciation of nutrition through the education that Vision Personal Training Hunter Street provides. Monday to Friday counting my macros, meal prepping and eating the right foods for my training plays a big part of my life.  I still treat myself to a burger or some pizza once a week as my treat!

Vision Personal Training Hunter Street is not just a gym. It's my second family. A place of inspiration for me, a place that always turns a frown upside down, and a place to chase dreams and goals with the most amazing team who support me and others through their own journeys.

I could not have done all of this without the support of my amazing Trainer. Pushing me that little bit further each time, and when I fall, he's always been there to help me get back up. There have been laughs, tears, many swear words thrown around and sometimes, I have almost given up. But he has never give up on me. We believe in each other and this is what makes my journey with Vision so special.  

The journey has been full of physical, emotional and mental challenges, yet so many amazing achievements. This place is a big part of my life, fitness and health. It is now a part of my lifestyle. I have never been happier with my body and how strong I am. I am now no longer afraid to be a woman who is lean and has muscle. I am very proud of what I have achieved. But I am not stopping here, the journey continues."

- Vanessa McGurk


"Vanessa arrived at Vision Personal Training Hunter Street on a mission to kick-start a renewed focus on her nutrition, physical activity and mental wellbeing. This mission was going to be a transformation of mind, body and soul, to create the best version of herself, ever.

Vanessa is up to any challenge. Whether running 14 km with the masses during City2Surf, grinding out 60 minutes of strength training or slogging out 18 km of blood, sweat and dirt during Tough Mudder 2016, Vanessa tackles all challenges head on!

A true character around the studio, Vanessa goes out of her way to encourage, motivate and support fellow Vision clients with enthusiasm. Vanessa is a strong and inspiring leader and a true friend for both Trainers and clients alike, ready for any challenge that may present itself in the future."

- Adam Lewinski
Senior Vision Personal Trainer


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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