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Suzanne Ellis

Lost 13kgs
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Client from Drummoyne

Before Suzanne Ellis (before)
After Suzanne Ellis (after)

Sue has so far achieved some fantastic results alongside her PT Paulie. Have a read of her answers after a quick interview:


What state was your health and confidence in prior to Vision?

"I was unfit and unmotivated. I had done no exercise, except for incidental walking, for years. In the past I had considered my younger self as active, fit and healthy. I had become sluggish and my diet was out of control unhealthy- I have a massive sweet tooth! I lacked energy and had lost interest in trying to do anything about it. My clothes didn't fit so I either needed to change my ways or invest in a whole new wardrobe!

My cholesterol was borderline high with a family heart condition history and my doctor advised diet and exercise would bring it down. I needed support to turn the situation around and get back into running and fitness, to develop a routine and get back on track."


What result have you achieved?

"By getting help from Visions program and my PT, results came quickly, accompanied by motivation. The more exercise I did the more energy I had. The more weight I lost, the more determined I became to continue. I fitted back into my clothes. I regained a sense of accomplishment and confidence in myself. I became 'me' again.

I met my weight loss goal (8kg) in the first 9 weeks and went further. I had lost 13kg (more than I needed to) after 16 months. At this stage - 2years in, I'm back at my original target, down 8kg, a more sustainable weight."


What component was the most crucial in achieving your goal?

"The App (food and exercise diary) and PT sessions.

I feel monitoring my food intake, attempting to meet my macro goals, helped me to see how much I had been 'comfort' (over) eating and got it under control (most of the time).

Also, ticking off activities and clocking up 'minutes' of cardio/weights gives me focus and a sense of achievement.

But more importantly having my PT also monitor and weekly check-ins, holds me more accountable. Even when I don't meet my goals, talking through 'why' and setting strategies to 'make amends' is helpful."


What would you say to a friend if they asked you about your experience?

"It's expensive but it gets results so it is worth it. Those results are addictive. The Vision community is a positive supportive environment. Being around others also focused on achieving similar personal goals, trying to be fit and healthy for a longer, happier life is infectious!"


Congratulations on a fantastic result Sue, we can't wait to see what you achieve next!


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*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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