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Scott Taylor

20 kg lost
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Client from Frenchs Forest

Before Scott Taylor (before)
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Becoming a Personal Trainer has always been something I've wanting to do ever since I left school, I was really fit rowing surf boats , going to the gym most days, playing competitive rugby league, touch, Oz tag you name it , then a couple of years ago I had a major setback where there was a 2 year period where I was constantly getting serious injures back to back , because I wasn't burning off anywhere near as many  carbs as what before  and still eating what I use to eat I starting putting on weight, I would lose it, get hurt again then put it back on,  after a while I lost the drive I once had and got comfortable, I was probably putting on 1kg a month so couldn't really notice, setting myself the goal of becoming a Personal Trainer even though I was quite fit and strong  I knew that I had to lose a lot  of my body fat that I had put on, that gave me the drive again.

The nine week program was difficult at first, mainly changing my eating lifestyle, (I knew I had to work on but thought my diet wasn't that bad), the nine week program was a bit of an eye opener seeing these foods that were deemed to be healthy were actually adding to my weight gain. The program was a massive help with my food, it allowed me to balance out my macronutrients allowing me to have a few of the foods I still enjoyed. With the help of the Vision Team I was able to drop 15kg in 9 weeks, it was a great experience for me not only being able to get closer to my goal but being able to experience what a client goes through so I am able to put myself in their shoes, hopefully making their journey a little easier. The past few months have been an awesome journey and I'm sure that will continue.



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