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Rochelle Lehmann

20kg Lighter, Fitter, Stronger & More Energetic!
Success Story Page Header
Success Story Page Header

Client from Mona Vale | Trainer: Ruby McMullen

Before Rochelle-Before
After Rochelle-After

Since Rochelle started with us she has completely changed her body composition and overall health. In total Rochelle has dropped 20kg of fat, dropped 15% in body fat and lost over 25cm from her body measurements. Not only has her body shape completely changed but Rochelle can now run again which is something she never thought would be possible. We have achieved this result through Rochelle's consistent training 3 x a week with her trainer Ruby as well as ongoing goal setting and nutrition tracking. We are so proud of her and she has taken a positive, balanced approach since the beginning ensuring she still has balance in her life while prioritising her health and fitness goals. We are so proud of you Rochelle!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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