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Ray Pittman

Weight loss of 18.6kg and 4.5% body fat, -30cm in girth measurements
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Success Story Page Header

Client from Hunter Street (Sydney CBD)

Before Ray Pittman (before)
After Ray Pittman (after)

Ray is one of the newest additions to the Vision Personal Training Hunter Street family. Starting his journey in February 2018, Ray walked through the door feeling frustrated about his then health condition, as he weighed in at 118.4kg.

Ray's priority was to drop weight in order to feel healthier, feel more confident and increase his stamina, with a major focus on improving nutrition. Without knowing Ray and his go-getter attitude, some may have believed Ray had an unachievable goal of wanting to drop 15kg in the first 9 weeks, however, Ray showed behaviours that were wholly committed to the program, staying true to his food diary, one on one training sessions and cardio requirements.

To date, Ray has now dropped 18.6kg in total, 4.5% BF and reduced his girth measurements by 30cm. He can now fit his wedding ring back on, which was too tight to wear for the last three years. Congratulations to Ray, we wish him all the best in achieving even greater results in the future.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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