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Paddy Johnston

Hit 10kg Milestone!
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Success Story Page Header

Client from Frenchs Forest | Trainer: Alex Jellard


In the past, I had struggled to stay motivated, and my goals seemed out of reach. I knew I wanted things to change but I didn’t know how to make it happen.

However, at Vision, I was able to sit down with my own trainer and discuss what I wanted to change and learn how to do it. Having Dylan and Alex support and teach me has undoubtedly been instrumental to my success. They have both pushed me during weights sessions and ensured I remained consistent with my food and training week to week.

Thanks to Dylan, Alex, and Vision I have been able to develop positive habits that are not only maintainable, but also fit into my daily schedule. Their guidance and encouragement have empowered me to take control of my health and fitness journey, enabling me to achieve results I never thought possible.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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