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Nikki Cronan

I am now more confident and energetic!
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Client from Mona Vale

Before Nikki Cronan (before)
After Nikki Cronan (after)

Nikki started training at Vision so she could lose weight, get fitter and start leading a more active and healthy lifestyle. Being a mother of two young children, whilst working a full time job, Nikki often found it difficult to find time to focus on herself, which consequently began to have a negative impact on her health and fitness. But since Nikki has started training at Vision Mona Vale, she has followed her program fully, and in turn has achieved some amazing results. In her first 9 weeks, Nikki lost 9kgs and dropped 27cm in total from her chest, waist and hips. 10cm coming off the waistline alone. Nikki was fully dedicated to the program set for her and enjoyed attending the group exercise sessions along the way. Congratulations Nikki on achieving such a great result, keep up the good work!

Nikki's Testimonial:

"I started at Vision Personal Training to lose weight and increase my fitness, having tried other options previously which have never worked for me. My success so far has been mostly due to the support from my amazing trainer and the whole team at Vision who have encouraged me to remain enthusiastic and motivated. I am now more confident and energetic and I am enjoying exercising and eating well for the first time in my life! My next goal is to work towards participating in the Oxfam walk, which would never have been possible without the support of the great team at Vision Mona Vale."

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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