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Millie Goldspring

Feeling Confident & Hit 10kg Milestone!
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Client from Frenchs Forest | Trainer: Shaun Burn


The first time I made contact with Emma I was extremely defeated in past experiences with personal training and in the gym, and I was ready to give up. From the moment I stepped into the FF gym I felt extremely welcomed and comfortable. My life has been anything but smooth sailing over the past 6 months that I have been at Vision FF, but with the consistent help and support from my trainer, I have been able to work around my chaotic schedule of travelling to make conscious changes and choices to my days to help improve not just my physical health but my mental as well.

I’ve been pushed past my “I can’ts” and turned them into “I can’s” and have been able to move past my mental blocks to feel more confident and comfortable. The community at FF is like no other gym I have been a part of. All the trainers know each and every member by name and as soon as you step foot into the gym you’re greeted by friendly faces. Honourable mention to my two favourite faces Blue and Willow, I don’t know if I would have been able to get through certain reps without the promise of a dog pat afterwards.

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