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Michelle Thompson

Feeling better and more energised at 60 than at 50!
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Success Story Page Header

Client from Wynyard | Trainer: Adam Lewinski

Before Michelle-Before
After Michelle-After

Ever since Michelle walked through Vision Personal Training Hunter Street’s doors, she has been an amazing burst of lovable energy! Michelle returned to Vision after experiencing some difficult times personally, while also suffering significant injuries to her knees and shoulder. However! That did not stop Michelle from jumping straight back into the swing of things! Focusing on her nutrition, Michelle has achieved an impressive 37kg weight loss in 17 months!

More importantly, Michelle has significantly improved her mobility, resulting in substantially reduced knee pain and awesome strength gains. In addition, she can also run for multiple minutes on the treadmill! A feat Michelle though never possible! We can’t wait to see Michelle achieve even more amazing results in the future! She is one to look out for!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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