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Melissa Gringhuis

I think the MyVision app has become my most used app on my phone.
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Success Story Page Header

Client from Penrith | Trainer: Ben Carter

Before Melissa-Before
After Melissa-After

I started with the Penrith guys about a week or so before my birthday last year, so probably not the best time to start. I had already begun my health improvement plan the previous year and had now decided to get some professional help and structure in my exercises and help get healthy again.

Ben has been my trainer for the entire period except for a few sessions here and there and has been extremely helpful, supportive, instructive, as well as frustrating at times too, and great at adjusting the gym equipment for my short legs and helping me with my left and right haha. I think the MyVision app has become my most used app on my phone (sorry Facebook) and has been a great help working out my meal plans. I have learnt so much about my food, gym equipment and before lockdown, even started enjoying group training sessions. 

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