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James Bradley

10 kilograms lost, the healthy and sustainable way!
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Client from Penrith | Trainer: Darian Joseph


James' transformation journey began with a strong commitment to his weight training, with the guidance of his dedicated Personal Trainer, Darian. Together, they designed a program that would help James build strength, tone his body, and shed those excess kilograms and give him a body image he would feel better about. James dedicated himself to three training sessions in the mornings each week, laying the foundation for his impressive progress.

James was relentless in his pursuit of better health and fitness. Every day after work, he made the conscious choice to either go for a walk with his family or engage in indoor cycling in his living room. These daily habits were more than just physical activities; they were a clear indication of his unwavering determination to improve his health so he could be a healthier father to his two sons.

In addition to his daily workouts, James committed to achieving a minimum of 7,500 steps each day while working towards an impressive 10,000 steps on days where he could. This consistent effort not only boosted his weight loss but also instilled a healthier and active mindset.

James understood that his weight loss journey required more than just daily exercise; it also required mindful eating habits. With Darian's guidance, he implemented and adhered to expert nutrition advice that empowered him to make healthier dietary choices. By nourishing his body with the right foods, James was able to optimise his weight loss results and enhance his overall well-being. For James, his nutrition heavily relied on him reducing his carbohydrate and fat intake, whilst massively increasing his protein intake to meet his daily nutritional requirements to ensure the best fast loss result whilst feeling energised, recovering efficiently from training and improving his sleep quality.

For James, this journey was about being the best possible version of himself, not just for his own benefit but for the well-being of his family. His remarkable transformation allowed him to be the active, engaged dad he aspired to be, setting an inspiring example of health and fitness for his young sons. At present, James has moved towards taking his family to the swimming pools on weekends to entertain his sons but to also work on his aquatic fitness whilst working towards his next goal of 15kgs fat lost!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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