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Louise Foar

9kg weight loss and Spartan Trifecta
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Client from Hawthorn

Louise Foar (after)

Spent 7 fun years living in Brussels
Got stuck into the beers, fries and mussels
The weekends were for travel
In new languages I did dabble
Leaving little time for exercise and new muscles

Walked into Vision needing to shed excess pounds
And was adamant it would happen only on my grounds
No mushrooms, no eggs
No running, I beg
And in the Studio daily I would not be found

I attended the Seminars and the Shopping Tour
And one little stat hit home for sure
70/30 focus
No hocus pocus
Food, not exercise, is the key to the cure

Enter Mel, the 'smiling assassin'
On form and technique she keeps on harassin'
Unconvinced of her counting
I'm forever doubting
But she's always filled with support, fun and compassion

So together we agreed on a cunning new plan
To bring down those numbers as fast we can
Food diaries and meal prep
Weekly weigh ins, oh the dread
And a killer of a 9-week exercise program

I expected this would be a largely solo mission
But instead found a community with incredible passion
Who invite you to run
To events which are fun
And for coffee, sporting 'active, sweaty fashion'

While I walked in for weight loss, and it's still the ultimate goal
I've watched a whole new world of possibilities unfold
Trifecta at Spartan
100k ride, just coz we can
And running a halfa with new friends to warm the soul

If there's a recurring theme in your New Year's resolution
Of extra weight you want to be losin'
Give it a go
Or you'll never know
Vision might just be your perfect solution


by Loise Foar

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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