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Natasha Nelson

Long-Term Goals Achieved!
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Success Story Page Header

Client from Hawthorn | Trainer: Justine Meges


Natasha joined our Vision family back in 2018, achieving great fat loss and strength goals. After a forced break due to Covid, Natasha came back in 2022 to find her routine back and achieve goals where she would feel great about herself and energised.

Since then Natasha worked hard to prioritise her health with her busy mum life. Through the years she got to learn, experiment and put in practice her new skills. And for the first time in 2023, Natasha is not only at her ideal weight, she is maintaining it! Even after 2 weeks holidays in USA!

She found so much value in Vision that she encouraged her daughter Izzy to join her once a week for a mother/daughter session! What a role model! Here's to your 5years anivisionnary and much more to come!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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