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Kay Levy

Fit, Strong and Hit 10kg Milestone!
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Success Story Page Header

Client from Frenchs Forest | Trainer: Evan Nicholas


What a fabulous year I have had at Vision! So glad I answered Emma’s call that day and decided to try to gain back some of my fitness and tone from the past when I enjoyed a long professional sports career. I never expected to lose weight as that was not my reason for joining the gym, however, it's an added bonus and I feel better for it. Thanks to my three trainers, Frankie, Dylan and now Evan. They have kept me on track with all my training and classes and are constantly motivating and patient with my silly jokes and sense of humour. Helping me through injury and adjusting my training for the best outcomes. Great support from Emma and Shaun in classes has been terrific. I feel in my happy place every time I walk through those glass doors and enjoy the company of my newfound friends and fitness.

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