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Josh Braund

Lost 110kg in 10 months
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Client from Caringbah

Before Josh Braund (before)
After Josh Braund (after)

"Initially I was lethargic, overweight, not able to sleep properly and couldn't even run 50 metres. Everything has changed in my life because of Vision. I have always been big but active until 10 years ago when I put on an extra 40 - 50kg which stopped me from doing the things I liked. It is only now that I realize that even when I was active all those years ago that I wasn't really. It was just enough to get by and now I really enjoy life outside of work. I never looked forward to weekends other than to sleep and now I find myself planning weekends weeks in advance. I have made more friends in the last 6 months than in the last 16 years due to the confidence that comes along with feeling good about yourself. I have figured out that the most important thing in life is being fit, healthy and happy and I will only treat myself occasionally because quite frankly fitness is the greatest reward in the world and it's a big part of my life to now help other people achieve it."

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