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Bec Ayers

"I found the me that first started all those years ago, a bit older, but so much healthier."
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Client from Caringbah | Trainer: Leigh Hughes

Before Bec-Before
After Bec-After

I have been with Vision since day one. I actually saw it come to life and have watched it grow. Originally, I was training for weight loss which has been a journey and a half. Success came and life happened and the wheels started falling off. Having been with Vision for quite some time, naturally trainers will leave. For me this was a challenge at times, but in retrospect and looking back it's made me who I am today.

As Vision not only became for weight loss but for my fitness and for my mental health. You know what it's like family, work, illnesses in the family. Things that are so out of your control the only thing I had control of was my training at Vision. And this is how it was. It became a vicious cycle of training and going through the motions. 

Until just before covid hit, a new trainer came along. And he got me! He listened and he called me out when he saw it. We were on a roll then bam! Covid hit and I ended up in ICU. It wasn't Covid it was something else. Doctors gave me the early grave option. But something inside me, a voice I haven't heard in many, many years appeared and I thought it's now or never!

Did I see myself as big? No, I didn't. Was I blind to it? No. I hardly ate but I was drinking. Who knew fluid can be your nemesis! So, I knew what I had to do, I dusted off Andrew's book, "Ready, Set, Go", re-read, took stock and took small steps. Taking each day as it came.

In the end I lost a person but I found the me that first started all those years ago, a bit older, but so much healthier and maybe a little bit more sassy.

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