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John Wagstaff

25.1kg in 9 Weeks
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Client from Mona Vale

Before John Wagstaff (before)
After John Wagstaff (after)

Having my own plumbing business as well as being a local Church Pastor and father of four means I am constantly on the go. The need to be at work early (7am) ready to focus on the problems of clients meant I would regularly skip breakfast and eat on the run (usually takeaway), exercise had become a thing of the past.

The feeling of tiredness was a constant companion and the desire to do something was also there but the rut that I found myself in was difficult to get out of.

For my 50th Birthday friends and relatives gave me a gift voucher for my local Vision Personal Training Studio, which was just the kick start I needed to get out of that rut!

So 9 weeks later, the demands of life and business are still the same - but I am not!

The team at Vision have helped me to realise that I did not have to stay where I was. Through the exercise and eating program my life has certainly changed and changed for the better.

I believe the most important part for me, was the constant support and encouragement that I received. I also discovered a few things about myself… (1) being accountable to someone really helped me and (2) I need goals in order to help me remain focussed.

So after 9 weeks I have lost 25.1kgs and 65cms and also ran 100km in 7 days. I have renewed energy that I thought was gone forever and with this I have a new lease on life, work and family.

Thanks goes to Brett, Steve and all the team at Vision Mona Vale.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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