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Jackie Ramsay

Lost 20.1kg, 68cm in girths and improved Marathon time by 1 hour 8 mins
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Client from Macquarie Park

Before Jackie Ramsay (before)
After Jackie Ramsay (after)

I actually believed I ate quite healthily and that I was a runner! But the Vision 'nutrition seminar' proved my previous food intake was all wrong and my running regime was not effective. This was the clincher to join Vision.

Right from day one I felt at ease at the gym, there is always a good atmosphere... I am also lucky to have a great personal trainer, Blake who makes my PT sessions fun but challenging. The one thing that surprised me on this journey, was that I did not expect to enjoy the new challenges of weights sessions, group classes and the change of eating habits as much as I did. The club vision tool is fantastic for keeping me on track.

Losses include, 20.1 kilos, 68cm, my old food thoughts and 14 minutes off my 10km run time and 1 hour and 8 mins off my marathon time. I was also able to complete my long term goal and run the six foot track. I also gained at Vision... friends, confidence and better health!

Now I know I eat healthily, and, I am officially a runner!

Thank you all at Vision Personal Training North Ryde

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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