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Helen Stevens

How I changed my life!
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Client from Baulkham Hills | Trainer: Stacey Sultana


20kgs down and so much has happened since I started this journey.

After a health scare in August 2021, I knew I had to do something about my health and fitness. When I started, I actually didn’t believe I could lose 5kgs but with the support of my fantastic trainer on all levels (Stacey Sultana) it started to melt away. She had me going on shopping tours to learn about food and then a seminar on emotions and food. Every little step had me understanding better ways to live and move every day.

Every kg I had lost, the Vision trainers and family were excited for me which spurred me on. Now I am 3 dress sizes down and 20kgs lighter, and it is an amazing feeling. I truly believe without Vision, Stacey and the Vision families support, I would have not come this far. It has not only ensured I can keep up with my kids, but my confidence levels have increased dramatically and I have actually started to love myself.

People ask me how I have managed to do it and I always tell them Vision PT Baulkham Hills because it’s not really a business, it’s a family.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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