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Cynthia You

Back in shape after having a baby!
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Success Story Page Header

Client from St Ives

Cynthia You (after)

Joining Vision St Ives has been the best thing for my confidence and health this year. I joined Vision just 8 weeks after giving birth and I am already able to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes! I also have a lot more energy and in turn have become more active with my family. 

James is my trainer. His training style has lots of variety and they're amazing sessions - never a dull moment! He has helped me with my food diary, given me an education about nutrition and about recovery. I have previously been a member of other gyms and have found Vision St Ives to be the best. All their other trainers are very friendly and professional.

This gym is well equipped and has easy parking/access. I couldn't recommend a gym more highly then Vision St Ives.


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