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Bronte Coy

Bronte increased her muscle mass by 3.6kgs, decrease her body fat by 3kgs!
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Client from Caringbah | Trainer: Leigh Hughes

Before Bronte-Before
After Bronte-After

My job is a very social one which made it difficult to maintain a consistent approach to my fitness. I was always active and interested in health and exercise, but my weight had yo-yoed over the years and I never felt like I'd struck the right balance.

After my two children I was about 4 kilograms above a comfortable weight for me, and I felt like all the different approaches I'd tried - fitness programs, diets, etc - weren't ever having a lasting impact.

I've had a complete overhaul in my approach to eating and exercise, particularly when it comes to weights. My body shape has completely changed and I've built up muscle tone. The app and food tracking made it really easy to focus on goals and hit the right marks, plus having a very consistent and detailed plan to approach each week made it really simple to stick to my program, even on days when I felt unmotivated or tired.

It means I'm able to balance the healthier weeks with weeks where I've got social events, holidays and things like that - I'm working from a fit base and it's always easy to jump back on track. I'm also fitting back into my clothes! Staying fit and healthy also means I have more energy.

If you're looking to make a change in your health and fitness, put it in the hands of the pros and take out all the guesswork - Vision makes it so much simpler and achievable.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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