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Alison Vasek

A loss of 25kg
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Client from Brookvale

Before Alison Vasek (before)
After Alison Vasek (after)

I had been slowly putting on weight over the past 8 years since I got married, and last year I was at the point where I was really unhappy about my weight. I was feeling constantly tired and had no interest in doing anything. Watching TV and eating comfort food had become my daily routine. Then a friend encouraged me to join a group class at Vision Personal Training Brookvale and I haven't looked back! Initially I just wanted to lose some weight, but I have now lost over 25kg, and at 45, I am fitter and stronger than ever before. Best of all, I now have so much more energy, enthusiasm and interest in life! I love coming to training, joining lots of group classes keeps it fun and motivating and now I am training for the Pub2Pub fun run. My Personal Trainer has encouraged and supported me every step of my journey. My Trainer is an absolute rock, helping me to achieve my goals and then smash new ones that I couldn't even imagine were possible. The positive and supportive environment at Vision really makes training fun and enjoyable and it's great to feel part of a group of people all working on improving their health and fitness. Thanks so much Vision Personal Training Brookvale for helping me to be the best version of myself!


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