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Aida Sarian

Reached Goal Weight - First Time in 20 Years!
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Client from Frenchs Forest | Trainer: Dylan Bosschieter


I joined Vision Personal Training Frenchs Forest in October 2016; I continued being a member until 2020 and enjoyed having personal training sessions with Scott, as well as attending weekly group training sessions. I had always been a member of big gyms such as Health Land, Fitness First & Virgin Active. However I really enjoyed the idea of the small gym, the one-on-one care that I could receive from the trainers and the friendly atmosphere with other patrons at Vision.

During Covid, I continued with my PT sessions and group training sessions outdoors and kept going as long as possible until everything had to be shut down due to the pandemic. I stopped going to the gym and tried to maintain my fitness by going for long walks with my husband on a daily basis, doing 12, 000 - 15, 000 steps each time, as well as Yoga on weekends. Even when the gyms reopened I avoided coming back to the gym, and as you know the longer you avoid something the harder it gets to face it.

My husband went back to the gym and encouraged me to do the same, to maintain my fitness and weight. I was diagnosed with early arthritis about 10 years ago, so I have to do weights training to maintain strong muscles. My GP also advised me to return to the gym to work on this. I returned to Vision last year in September and I haven’t looked back. I have thoroughly enjoyed the various group training sessions on offer and have been training well with my new Trainer Dylan. I am very happy with my progress fitness wise, as well as reaching my goals. For the first time in 20 years I managed to reduce my weight to 44 kgs and fit into a French couture suit, a dream come true!

I would like to thank Shaun and Emma for turning Vision into a dynamic and fun place to come, enjoy your exercise routines and training, improve your fitness and achieve your long term goals, to maintain a healthy lifestyle while enjoying the support from the trainers and the friendship from the other patrons.

Thanks again for your dedication and passion.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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