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Why using Vision Virtual Training is important

At Vision PT, we know our Clients who track their food get the best results. In this article we discuss why tracking is so important to your results.
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Sean Raso


Here at Vision personal training Templestowe, we have some great personal trainers coaching people to hit their health and fitness goals. But your personal trainer is not the only source of help and information that you have when you get started with Vision. Potentially the 2nd most important tool (other than your personal trainer) you will come across in your journey is Vision Virtual Training (VVT).


When accessing VVT for the first time by yourself, it is important that you fill out the readiness to change questionnaires. The readiness to change questionnaires will help you understand your emotions in relation to your health and fitness as well as give your trainer a great idea as to how to best help you. Make sure when you access VVT for the first time you fill out these questionnaires to help get the most out of your training.

Why using the food diary is important:

Contrary to what many people believe, losing weight is not purely about increasing the amount of exercise you do. Approximately 70% of a weight loss result comes from your nutrition. Here at Vision personal training Templestowe, we calculate the exact ratio of macronutrients you need to consume on a daily basis in order to reach your goal in the desired time frame. Using the "food diary" as a "food planner" in order to achieve your macronutrient values is the most effective way that you will lose weight in your program at Vision. In the following paragraphs, I will explain why these macronutrients are crucial to your weight loss journey.

Your macronutrient targets are optimised to you and only you:

Your macronutrient targets are calculated using a formula taking into account YOUR age, body type, activity level and fat free mass. These macronutrient targets are specific to YOU only and will not work for anyone else. They are designed specifically so that you can achieve your goal in a timely manner whilst fuelling your body efficiently.

Specific to activity level:

Your macronutrient requirements have been calculated specifically according to your daily activity level. This takes into account how much exercise you will commit to over your program as well as how much activity you undertake while you are at work. For example, a 9-5 office worker's macronutrient requirements will be much different to a builder who performs heavy manual labour for the most part of the day.

Optimised ratio for your goals:

Whether your goal is fat loss, fitness or muscle gain, your macronutrients are optimised so that you can achieve that goal whilst fuelling your body efficiently. At vision, we don't believe in cutting out any food groups in order to achieve a specific goal. If your goal is fat loss and you cut carbs completely out of your diet you will lose weight but what will happen when you re-introduce those carbs into your diet? If you are looking for lean muscle gain and cut fats out you may gain muscle but what will happen to your hormone levels? This is the reason why at Vision we do not focus on calories or kilojoules. Each macronutrient is absorbed and utilised by your body in a different way. If we are focusing on calorie or kilojoule intake, you may be eating an excessive amount of the wrong macronutrients and therefore not properly fuelling your body to achieve your goals.

The exercise diary:

Although not the most important aspect when looking for a weight loss result, exercise still plays a relatively large role (approximately 30%) in you achieving your results. It is important to make sure that you are getting the right ratio of cardio: weights per week to ensure you are tracking towards your goal. Your personal trainer would have helped you work out the optimal cardio:weights ratio for you to achieve your goal in your first goal setting session. In order to achieve your goal, it is essential for you to complete your training program 100% week in, week out. A great way to track your exercise to make sure you are fulfilling the set requirements is to use the VVT app to tick off the exercise you have done every time you complete an exercise session.

Your hand-held personal trainer:

Obviously, our personal trainers can't be with you every second of the day and when you come in to the studio we may be training another client. But with the VVT app you have your own hand-held personal trainer right on your mobile! Open up your weights session if you are down on your weights for the week or your cardio session if you need a hard cardio hit out and VVT will tell you exactly what to do!

Go ahead, get involved with VVT and make the most out of all of the resources available to you at Vision Personal Training!!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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