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Vision Weight Loss Coaching

In this Vision PT article, our experts share how Vision's weight loss coaching can assist you in achieving your goals in a sustainable and safe way.
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Jack Smith at Southport

Sick of yo-yo dieting? Tired of slogging it out on the treadmill getting no results?

Welcome to Vision Weight Loss Coaching!

No strenuous exercise.  No fad Diets.  Simply a fun, fast weight loss program tailored just for you.


We at Vision believe in long term sustainable change, which leads to lasting results and increased quality of life.  We want to set you up for success, where you have all the tools available to help you get the results you want.  This is the last program you will ever need.

Basing the program on the principles of the 4 E factors: Emotions, Education, Eating and Exercise we have devised a series of FREE seminars and forums to cover the 4 E factors, instead of just exercising to no result.


How many times have you tried and failed to lose weight?  Have you learnt the importance of goal setting?  How ready are you for change?  Have you thought of strategies to avoid your danger periods?  Assessing your readiness to change is a key topic in the seminar, because if you are not truly ready or have not thought about strategies to succeed there is a massively reduced chance of success.


Part 2 is a full education on best practice to achieve lasting lifestyle change and weight loss.  This session covers Body type and programming for different body types, nutrition principles, why it's important to perform resistance training, what type of cardio is best for fat loss and long term goal setting.  This session lays out the best process for you!


Using the Vision Virtual Training platform, this session is a fully interactive presentation helping you to create meal plans to fit your lifestyle.  Meal ideas, populating plans and sharing experiences will help you to find a better structure to get your food on track.  No boring meals or rigid diets, creating your own plans is all about empowering you to find food you like and make them fit your requirements to help you lose weight!


Regular shopping tours to the local supermarket will educate you on food labels, ingredients and what foods will help you achieve your goals. 
The 60 minute Shopping Tour highlights specific foods that will help you reach their macronutrient goals and your desired body. Whilst everyone has different eating habits, we focus on some common principles that will fast track your results and help you to maintain your weight long term.
During the Shopping Tour, we will help you to understand food labels and become familiar with food composition. This, in combination with macronutrient guidelines and the knowledge as to when certain foods should be eaten (during the day and surrounding exercise), will give you the ability to control your eating habits.

Contact us today for a FREE registration to the Weight loss coaching program, this is the last program you will ever need!

No fad diets, no strenuous exercise.  Simply a fun, fast, weight loss program tailored just for you

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

Are you our next success story?

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