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Top Tips on Navigating the Festive Season

In this article, we share our top tips on how to navigate the festive season and still stay on track towards your health and fitness goals.

By Ashild Tessnes, Owner at Surrey Hills

We all do it; eat, drink and get more merry than usual from about the middle of November till at least the end of December. We often keep going until after Australia Day - so the festive season seems to get a little longer every year. That doesn't mean you have to give up on your health, gain weight and feel sluggish once February comes around. Here are a few tips to help you stay on track: 

  • Practice Mindfulness
    • Listen to your body, check if you actually feel like a beer or a snack or are you simply just having it because it's offered?
    • Make decisions before going out; I am only having two drinks or I am not having any of the sweets. This makes it easier to stick to once food is on front of you.
    • Just because you are invited doesn't mean you have to say yes. Sometimes we feel obliged to attend everything we get asked to. But you can actually say no and have a quiet night in or go for a walk instead. JOMO is the new FOMO.
  • Plan Ahead
    • If you are going out for dinner, check out the menu and make decisions ahead of time and plan your other meals around it.
    • When going to friend's houses, bring a healthy platter with veggies, dips and nuts.
  • Reduce Your Alcohol Intake
    • Yeah, I know - this is a ground-breaking and new one! But seriously; water between drinks, use no sugar mixers, choose low alcohol and low carb varieties. Your liver and head will thank you for it.
    • Try alcohol free options such as kombucha or soda water with fresh lime and mint.
  • Keep Your Training Routine Going.
    • Train first thing in the morning to avoid finding excuses later in the day.
    • Get the family involved - have 10K steps every day challenge or find activities you can do together like rock climbing, dance classes or footy in the park.
  • Have a Goal in Mind
    • Staying motivated can be extra challenging over the festive season, but you can make it a lot easier by having a goal in the new year. Maybe you want to do a running event, a triathlon, a hike, a bike ride? There are plenty of opportunities.
    • Tell a friend and be accountable. Invite friends to do the event with you and train together. Together is always more fun than alone.
  • Have Fun & Enjoy
    • Because life is too short to beat yourself up for the things that has already happened and you can't change.
    • It's called the festive season for a reason - but it's about the company and adventures, not about who can eat and drink the most.

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