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The Essential Habit To Make it Happen

What if one habit could help you make it all happen? Let the experts at Vision PT share the one habit you need to start to achieve results!
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Dima Yatsenko at Rose Bay

Most people come across hundreds of articles in the paper or the internet giving them advice and tips to burn fat, feed muscle, have more energy etc. With that amount of information you feel as confident as choosing a movie at your nearest blockbuster on a Saturday night. Too many choices that make your decision making skills seems wimpy, wobbly and weak.

Imagine reading one article and receiving one piece of advice that you implement daily and leads to a huge amount of success. What I am talking about is choice. There you go, the secret is out. Of course it takes work and discipline to create a change, it takes even harder work and consistency to see change, but without the habit of making a choice for yourself how far are you likely to go?

Now we all know that failure and relapse are a part of any change process, it is the most obvious sign that you are on the right track, embrace it, make the choice to accept it and then make the choice to move on. We have all been there, we see ourselves, our friends and family, our colleagues fail over and over again, we have felt it first hand and we see it on a daily basis. I will not compare you or myself to anyone more or less successful, the message that I want to get across is that we have the power by simply making a choice.

So what is this choice?

Well, whether you are ready to give up drinking or smoking, change your exercise or eating habits, leave your current job for a better one, it all begins with this choice.

The choice is to ask ourselves the right questions!

The most empowering habit we can implement is asking ourselves "How can I?"
This is YOUR choice, take "can't" out of your vocabulary and forget excuses, ask questions all day.

Imagine all the thoughts that go through your head, the same ones that beat you down and make you feel useless, and now imagine this one habit of asking yourself "How can I feel better?", "How can I improve my health", "How can I earn more money?" , "How can I improve my lifestyle?". Believe me or not the only way to find out is making it a HABIT and watching your world turn around right in front of your eyes.

For change to happen, something must change. Start with this one habit.

Dima Yatsenko

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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