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Setting your children for a healthy and happy life

Let Vision PT teach you the important health and fitness lessons that you can pass onto your kids.
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Weight Loss Articles

By Jack Smith at Southport

At Vision we often talk about our circle of influence and how that affects us and the results that we get. We talk about spending time with likeminded people who want to lead healthy lifestyles but are we setting this same example for our kids?

A question I want to ask you is; are you setting your kids up to live a fit and healthy life?

Make no mistake, what you eat and how active you are will play a major role in what attitude your kids have towards leading a healthy lifestyle.

I was fortunate in that I had great role models for parents when it came to eating well and exercising. I have seen my parents living that way from when I was a kid and I grew up to know no different.

What kind of Parent are you?

Are you the parent who is too tired or lazy to cook good healthy dinners for your kids and instead opt for an easy but unhealthy takeaway option?

Are you teaching your kids the value and lifelong skill of learning to cook and make yummy and healthy meals that the family can eat together? Are you preparing meals in advance and showing that despite how busy you are, you can still eat healthy meals all the time.

Are you coming home from work each day and opening up a beer or bottle of wine as a way of unwinding? Sure, this is ok on the odd occasion but are you shaping your kids attitude towards alcohol by making that a habit as soon as you walk through the door each evening?

Or are you coming home from work and kicking the soccer ball down at the park or having a run whilst the kids ride their bikes? Can you keep up with your kids at the park or take them to the beach for a swim or do they miss out because you can't keep up?

Are you able to enjoy all there is to enjoy with your kids whilst they are growing up and at the same time living a great healthy life and setting the same example for your kids?

Obviously, there is more to being a great parent than being a fit and healthy role model but we certainly believe that makes a massive difference. Show them the benefits of being fit and healthy and set them on the path to achieve that for themselves as well. Our kids are a product of the environment that they grow up in so let's make it a great one!!

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