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My 6 Steps to 10% Body Fat!

Looking to lose body fat? In this Vision PT article we share our six steps to losing body fat effectively and safely for sustainable results.
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Nicolas Rouco

An Easy & Simple Guide To Results by Nicolas Rouco

"How can you hit a target you don't have?.. do you have one?"

Set a meaningful Goal (set your focus) - When setting a goal it "Must" be a Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely Goal. (SMART goal).  Make sure you understand your goal and how it will impact your life. For it to be compelling it must impact your life. Take time to think about this, and understand it very well. This is the most powerful part of setting your focus.

Once you have locked in this Goal (your focus) - there must be nothing else you set your mind on during your journey. What does this mean? I am referring to distractions and short term pleasures. e.g. Desserts, Sleep ins, Alcohol, Parties, Social Events etc. If you lose focus (sight of your goal) when confronted by these distractions you simply wont get a result.

Plan -  This is where it starts. So what does this mean?

Plan your Goal from start to finish and identify where you need to be at each week, this is a great guide/ motivator when you are on track. Plan your training and rest days. This will motivate you to eat healthy, and the training will allow you to keep a clear mind and stay focused on your Goal. Plan your eating. This starts from your Grocery Shopping. What you eat and when to eat it will fall into place if you shop right and plan your meals/ snacks a day in advance every time. Keep it simple and sustainable. If you plan right you will be surprised at the variety of foods you can have without compromising your results!

Go to if you want to talk to me and my team about this, we can set you up with your goal, training plan, nutrition plan and emotional support based on your body type, body composition, lifestyle and individual needs.

Daily Discipline  Follow your daily training plan, exactly including rest days. That's it. This discipline will transfer over to your eating habits which will influence up to 70% of your desired result. So follow your training & eating plans to a tee!

Winning is a Habit -  Your first feeling or seeing of results will motivate you to keep your disciplines going. Winning is a habit, so acknowledge small victories on a daily basis. e.g Waking up to your alarm and bouncing out of bed. That's a small win versus pressing snooze (or losing focus). These are the Daily Disciplines I was referring to earlier. This is where the success begins. Winning is a habit.

It's the 1% -  Everything counts. In fact it is the smallest decisions that make the biggest differences over time. Avoid getting caught in the "I'll just have one, one bite, one more, just one day off" It all counts. Go back to your plan, see it through with your daily discipline and make winning a habit. Read my article "How can 1% change my life forever"

See it through till the very end -  You have set a goal. This is a promise to yourself. See it through. This will help you create a strong belief in yourself, a confidence that can't be broken. The power of self belief is unbelievable. It's up to us to develop that faith in ourselves. This is the best place to start, and the healthiest place to see it through.

So to put it simply in two words.

"Stay Focused."

I wish you the very best of luck, and know that you can contact my team and I anytime. Having a trainer during a journey like this can be the difference you need to achieve a life changing result.

In my recent journey I lost 6.2kg's in 8 weeks, Ran a Half Marathon achieving a personal best and hit 10% Body Fat. With focus, anything can be done.

Hopefully I will see you soon!

Nicolas Rouco | Owner Vision Personal Training Gladesville

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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