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Music to Motivate

Looking for some extra motivation? In this Vision PT article we share our favourite music tracks to get you in the mood and moving!
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By JO HURST at Stanmore


We have researched this topic and come up with 4 fun facts.

1. Sing along

Singing along to your favourite tunes makes us happy and provides us with memories of a time or place and this can create a happy association with exercise instead of it being a chore - it becomes enjoyable.

Singing along also helps control our breathing and allows us to maintain a good low to moderate pace. Once we are finding it hard to sing along we know we are stepping into hard cardio zone and the pace may be too difficult to maintain over time.

2. Distraction

Listening to music can provide us with a distraction of a long run we have to complete. Making a play list that fills the time is also a way of knowing how far you have run and with music markers you may know that a certain song is where you need to turn around or head home.

Make sure if you are listening to music you are aware of the dangers around you and the traffic that is close by. Always have your music at a volume that enable you to hear what is going on around you

3. Beats and Bass

The beat and rhythm of the music can help you pace out your workout.

  • Pump up songs to get you ready for a great session
  • Steady high energy beats for your work out, run, walk or cycle session
  • Something new and unique to mix it up and vary your routine
  • Something chilled and relaxing for the stretch at the end


4. Collective tunes

Using a Spotify list created by someone else can also connect you with like minded people training and pushing themselves to achieve great results. It also gives you variety in your playlist and a different experience. With so many options on Spotify you will never get bored.

Check out Vision Personal Training has a selection of audio files that include a cycle work out and a stretch session. Find them on your VVT APP


Have fun training with music, decide on your mood, find some music and get out there. Its guaranteed to make your workout memorable.


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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