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Meet The Runners Taking On New York Marathon! Part 3

In this Vision Personal Training article we meet the runners taking on the New York Marathon - Part 3. Click here to read on.
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Weight Loss Articles

By Alex Anasson at Hawthorn

NYC will mark Jo's third marathon. She has completed all of her training with her husband Erik, who is also running! Jo is a true Vision PT success story, having lost 20kilos and turned herself into a gun runner and also inspired her family, friends and hubby to start their own journey!

What are you most looking forward to in relation to the New York Marathon?

I am most looking forward to just running in New York. Being in a new city and being able to run through the streets and soak up all of the atmosphere of the event.

I love running in new places, and this will be the most exciting place I have ever run. We have tried to do all of our training runs somewhere different, to keep it interesting.

 How has your training been going? What has been the hardest part of training for this race? 

Training has been hard. The long runs take so much time, and going from Sunday rest day to a 3 hour plus run every Sunday, has been tough. There is also extra time needed for preparation, nutrition, sleep (early nights) and recovery (baths, massage, physio. etc) It really helps that Erik is doing the same plan, as we can schedule other activities around our training plan, and don't have to commit to too many other social things. Not sure how other people do this with kids!

 What has been the best part?

The best part of the training has been some of the long runs. We have been from Hawthorn to Williamstown, from Queenscliff to Drysdale, around the Capital City Trail, and the highlight of the training plan was Melbourne Marathon last weekend. Whenever we are driving through Melbourne, we are constantly saying "oh, we have run here…"!

 Any tips to anyone looking at taking on their first marathon or fun run?

My tips for other people is to do the long runs in training, so that you are confident by the time you get to the run. Set a realistic time goal to challenge yourself. Remember that you are only trying to challenge yourself, and there will always be others that are faster or slower. Stick to your race plan, and don't get carried away on the day trying to keep up with others. Always run your own race.

Strength training and recovery is really important. Make sure you have a training plan that includes this.

The run should be enjoyable, it's the reward for all the training and hard work you have put in.

I think that anyone who has enjoyed running a half marathon can do a marathon. You just need to be able to commit to doing the training, be prepared to progress slowly up to the distance, and then it should be achievable and an enjoyable experience!

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