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Maurita's Reflection - How I have successfully achieved a great routine that produces results

Routines produce results. Let the experts at Vision Personal Training show you how a productive routine can help you successfully achieve your goals.
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Deni Curtis at Surry Hills

Your Vision Personal Trainer will design your one-on-one exercise program - taking into account your specific goals, timeframe, body shape, exercise preferences, current condition, health requirements and lifestyle.

Our lovely Maurita reflects on her  experience and results at Vision Surry Hills so far & shares her words of wisdom for anyone about to embark on their own health and fitness journey...

Initially I joined Vision Surry Hills becauseI was so lazy, ageing disgracefully and felt I was leading a very unhealthy lifestyle. I needed to incorporate some good eating habits and develop a love for exercise which was totally non existent in my life.  I also wanted to lose weight and tone up as I am part of bridal party for a wedding in the latter part of the year. 

I had never been into a gym and to be quite honest the whole concept scared me.  On my first day I told my trainer If I didn't like it I would be out by the end of the week!  That was over 6 months ago.  My Trainer Kyle has given me great long term tools to manage my life effectively.  He trains with empowering, compassionate, motivational enthusiasm which has enabled me to achieve my goals consistently.  I think it's about the rapport you attain with one another, it's about team work and establishing clearly defined levels of communication. He makes the experience fun and motivates me to make fitness a more active part of my lifestyle.  He says things that constantly resonates with me and clearly gets excited when I hit milestones, whether  it's  successful weekly weigh in's or winning the recent studio weight loss challenge. The whole team are hugely welcoming and create a positive motivational team environment. Whether your in a group cardio class, nutrition session or just generally around the gym they are a dynamic force, full of encouragement, are entertaining and love what they do. Everyone that trains in the studio encourage and support one another and are a enjoyable escape from your daily routine. I am really excited to have lost my first 10kgs and achieving great results in the last weight loss challenge. 

Another great part of my journey was that when I recently returned from holidays to find I had achieved weight loss even while I was away! It's been fantastic to know that I have successfully achieved great routine that produces results no matter where I am.  Since joining Vision Surry Hills I am happier, healthier and simply have more energy then I ever thought possible.  I have been surprised by how easy it is to make simple changes to reach a positive lifestyle change. I am also pleased to have started a new way of healthy living. It now gives me great satisfaction to be able to exercise on a regular bases and I am embracing it. It's such wasted energy to procrastinate and I prefer to just get it done.

I guess my trainer and I just formulated a great routine from the beginning and it's now become a great habit of effortless ease! Since joining I have lost just over 20kgs. I have flourished in the most comfortable supportive environment. The magic really begins up the top, healthy mind equals a healthy lifestyle and I love the idea of exercise in a fun environment. I have been able to set realistic goals and achieve them and track my progress. I have improved my strength and fitness and noticed a vast improvement to my overall health.  It has actually been a great source of enjoyment and has certainly been a great gift to my lifestyle!  If I had any words of wisdom for anyone starting their own health and fitness journey it would be that - only you are responsible for you, be kind to yourself and focus on what's possible. It could also be the greatest gift you give yourself!


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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