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The importance of planning and tracking your food

We all think that losing weight is simply doing more exercise and eating better food. Well, yes and no…
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Randall Yanai at Mortdale

We all think that losing weight is simply doing more exercise and eating better food.
Well, yes and no…

Whether if you are losing your love handles or not, it will all be a result from whether you are in a caloric deficit or not. But then, what is a caloric deficit ?
A caloric deficit is '' eating less food than what your body needs'' in that way it will use it's own stock of energy to make  up for it , hence, inducing a fat loss.
Eat more than what your body needs then you are putting on weight, eat less than what your body needs then you will lose weight . As simple as that!

I know what you are thinking now! How do I know if I am in a caloric deficit?

Firstly, during your goal session, we are measuring your height, age, weight, and body type.

Then we are doing a bioscan that measures your lean body mass and fat mass,  setting up goals  you want to achieve then an effective training plan identifying what your daily activities are to finally end up with your recommended macronutrients goal.

Calories divide into all sorts of groups, the main 3 we are always looking at is Carbohydrates, which 1 grams equals to 4 calories , Proteins that equals to 4 calories for 1 gram as well and then Fats with 9 calories a gram.

Now comes the answer: Food tracking on the MyVision app, planning your food from Breakfast to Dinner, knowing exactly how much food you are putting into your body, following your daily macronutrients goal.
If you do not measure it, you cannot manage it!

Then why should you plan your food?

Coming with a food plan will allow you to have certainty about what to eat and do during the week to avoid any stress about what you are going to eat the following day , also helps your trainer to review it in advance so he can make agree or make recommendations to better food choices .

If you were a soccer player with the purpose of winning a match , would you have more chances of winning if you had an effective game plan ?

70% percent of your results will come through your nutrition, the other 30% is from exercise but it requires 100% dedication.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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