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I lost weight whilst travelling for work

This is a story told by one of my clients, Jody, who travels 1-3 weeks of every month for work. 
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Alex Allegrini at Drummoyne

This is a story told by one of my clients, Jody, who travels 1-3 weeks of every month for work. 

"My work takes me all over the world, but I get to spend most of my time in Asia-Pac. It's constant and busy but I really do enjoy seeing so many amazing places and meeting so many people

But it was taking a toll on my health and fitness. Inconsistent training, constantly eating whatever was provided, sleeping patterns all over the shop and not a lot of time spent in a kitchen

I put on 15kgs and finally had enough when I couldn't get into some clothes, I had worn the previous year 

So, I reached out to Alex for help. We worked on some simple things whilst I was in Sydney, but what really helped me, was what I had to do whilst I was travelling. Here are some of those things:

Alex put together a small body weight circuit that I could use in hotel rooms

I pack exercise gear including a comfy pair of shoes

Try to book accommodation with a gym

Pre-pack some food for the plane (mainly protein bars, fruit, nuts, healthy snacks etc)

Do a grocery shop as soon as I check in (to stock my hotel room with healthy snacks)

Have a healthy breakfast in your room to avoid the breakfast buffet

Pick the events I will be consuming alcohol

Set a goal of how many exercise sessions I will do (usually a minimum of 1 out of 3 days)

Pick the protein and veg options for restaurant meals

Walk to as many places as possible while you don't have a car

I've now shed those extra 15kgs and am back to wearing all the clothes from before.

And I didn't have to give up my job!

The guidance and support were the difference and I'm glad I reached out - who knows where I'd be now!"


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