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How You Are Affecting Your Families Health

Do you have a positive or negative affect on your families health? This Vision PT article discuss the role we all play in influencing others health.
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Jeff Osborne at Bundall

One of the most rewarding things I get to experience on a weekly basis here at Vision Personal Training is when a client comes in for their weekly sessions and we weigh them in and they have lost weight. We have a success bell we ring and all the trainers in the studio have to drop and do 5 push ups in celebration! It is so much fun and the look of excitement on every client's face when it happens is amazing! 

Last week I had the best experience during a weekly session. One of my clients has lost over 50kgs, her husband then came to train with us and has lost over 40kgs, they both have kept it off for a few years now, they have done things they wouldn't have dreamt of a few short years ago. The most amazing moment was when the mother said the proudest moment was when she saw her two daughters working out in the studio, she had the realization that what her and her husband have been doing has rubbed off on the kids. She knows that telling the kids to do one thing and you doing another never works. It is especially true when it comes to eating well and exercise!

If you are flogging yourself at work, eating poorly, drinking to wind down most nights, out of shape and tired... How do you ever expect your kids to be anything else? They will follow the example and while it is unhealthy, my biggest concern is for them on the emotional level. Self-confidence will be lower, socially they will not be as outgoing as they could and the handicap is not one any kid needs. Now some research has proven that the effect of your choices not only changes your physiology, it also affects your children and their children! Holy doughnut!

Since 2010 there has been lots of research into the study of 'epigenetics' which is not just how your genes affect things (it takes many generations for changes to take hold) but one each gene there is a switch, kind of like a dimmer switch that controls how each gene expresses itself. They were even able to see how just losing weight when before you conceive a child changes the gene expression in the sperm of the father! If you would like to read deeper jump on google and type in epigenetics time magazine for an in depth article on how the 1812, 1821, 1836 and 1856 famines in northern Sweden changed the obesity rates in the children born around then and even their children born a generation later! If you plan on having a child, getting in to great shape can change the lives of your children and your grandchildren.... Wow! Big responsibility!

At Vision we know that life is busy... And getting busier! We have an entire support structure set up to make improving your health as easy as possible. Simple to follow, effective and time efficient with the accountability busy people need to stay on track.


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