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How to Train with your kids!

 Make exercising a family affair! Let our experts at Vision Personal Training show you how to train with your kids and make it a family fun event.
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By Alexandra Anasson at Templestowe


Are you super busy every day? Rushing from one obligation to another work, school drop off/pick up, events, sports, cooking for the family and feeling like you don't get many opportunities to just enjoy being with your family every day? Does this "busy-ness" sometimes stop you from feeling motivated about completing your own exercise requirements? It's just another moment in your week where you have to spend time away from your family or another obligation you have to fit in? Have you ever thought about ways you can include your exercise with spending time with your family? Here are a few tips on how to maximize your time with your loved ones and be fit and healthy too!


1.   Get your kids to ride their bike while you run/jog.


Most kids love riding their bike, so why not combine giving them a chance to ride their bikes with a run for you? Ideally find a safe bike or walking track and get the kids to pace you while you run or jog alongside them. That way they will be having fun, you get to spend time together and that exercise session will pass super fast!


2.   Kick a footy around the oval with the kids


Especially in Melbourne, it is part of most kids DNA to want to kick a footy around the park. But usually you see parents just standing in the middle of the oval while the kids run around. So, instead next time you take the kids out to the park, why don't you use it as a chance to get a session in and get the kids to do shuttle runs with you, perform some ball skill drills together and race each other around the oval. Not only will they enjoy the time with you, they will laugh and feel like they had a great bonding session with you after.


3.   Have an at home dance party with the kids


Have you got more dancers than sporty kids in your household? Have you ever thought of turning the lights off at home and putting on some of your favourite music and dancing in the dark like no one is watching with the kids? A 30min session will fly by while you laugh and dance like a dork!


4.   Strength session with your baby!


Do you have a small baby at home? Get some exercise into your day by doing some strength exercise using your baby as the weight! Squats, lunges and shoulder press can all be done holding onto your little bundle of joy while push ups can be done while your little one is lying on their favourite blanket and you can even incorporate a sneaky kiss into each rep!


5.   Go for a picnic in a location that requires a short bush walk


A perfect Sunday afternoon activity for the whole family is a healthy home prepared picnic at a beautiful location that ideally requires you to walk at least 20mins to the site and back again! That way you get some low to moderate exercise, healthy nutrition and family fun!


We hope you can use some of these tips as a jumping off point for thinking about how you can incorporate exercise into your time with your family so it becomes something that is easy to do and not another timely obligation!




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