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Here is one simple tip to help you manage your cheat days!

The universal "how to" of weight loss comes down to a very simple principle: burn more energy than you consume. This is called an "energy deficit".
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Nicolas Rouco at Gladesville

The universal "how to" of weight loss comes down to a very simple principle: burn more energy than you consume. This is called an "energy deficit".

The most complicated part of this process is calculating how much energy will put you in a deficit AND the split of this energy into macronutrients; carbohydrates, protein and fat. Sounds tricky, right? It can be. Which is why we calculate these values for you to guarantee that you reach your goals.

During your first nutrition session at Vision we explain these individualized values and provide you with the tools to track your macronutrient intake accordingly through our online food diary.

Now all you have to do is log the food you plan to eat, and make any appropriate tweaks to ensure they fit your daily macronutrient requirements.
Too easy, right?

Well then, how come if you ate to exactly these qualities 6/7 days in a week day, you put on a few hundred grams on the scales?

The answer is simple: the extra energy consumed on that single day was enough to tip you into an energysurplus (consuming more energy than your body burns).

Let's say, for example, your daily carbohydrate target is 120g. However, you had a big family event on Sunday and the extra treats here and there equated to you consuming 150g of carbohydrates.

The misconception is that if you get right back on track the next day, your slate will be wiped clean. Unfortunately, the body works based on cumulative energy.

This means that the extra energy from this day has taken the total energy consumption for your week above what you need in order to burn the fat you so desperately are trying to shed.

"So what are you saying?" you ask. "I have to be perfect in order to achieve my goals? How unrealistic!"

Here is the good news! We have accounted for the potential of this situation and this is where introducing an accelerator day is hugely beneficial and can even become necessary in ensuring your body remains in its fat burning state.

Your body turns to carbohydrates as its initial fuel source during exercise, however on an accelerator day when carbohydrate stores are low (20-30g) it has no choice but to burn more fat. This low carbohydrate day can also recalibrate any accidental extra consumption from previous days, putting you once more into an energy deficit and seeing you take one step closer to your goals.

Nutrition is 70% of your result no matter the goal, and the consistency of your intake facilitates the consistency of your progress. However, that's not to say hope is lost after every treat that doesn't 100% "fit your macros". Ask your trainer for more strategies to help you build the lifestyle that
you want while also achieving your goals.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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