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Get Off The Scales and On To Goals!

Here at Vision PT, we're here to tell you, the scales don't tell the full picture! Could ditching the scales be the best thing for you?
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Chris Jovcevski at Engadine

Something we see a lot of in the Studio is 'Scale Head'. This is where a person would rely on their daily weight as a means of motivation for them to get to their ultimate weight loss target.

This can be unhealthy for your mind and is detrimental towards your ability to get your goal weight. Let's talk about the reasons why you should only weigh in once per week with your Trainer. By weighing in once per week you will see the following benefits:

Increased Daily Motivation, Consistency of Results, Healthy Wellbeing and Attitude

Our weight changes daily. We consistently see a difference from one day to another. This is due to our body's internal cycles, systems and metabolic routines.

Weighing in once per week at the same time, will give you a consistent week to week analysis of you result. When you do jump on the scales each week, make sure that it is a positive experience, no matter what the result is, you can manipulate this through the achievement of your weekly goals.

The way to make this powerful is to set a weekly/daily goal that is not related to scale weight. This should be something that is achievable that will help with the process of losing weight. INSPIRATION and MOTIVATION at its best! Achieving small things consistently will keep you motivated and also get you a better week by week result on the scales.

Get your head out of the scales and into the process of losing weight. The focus on process is the most powerful means of motivation!

The Engadine Team

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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