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GC Marathon: Better than Christmas

Clients say the Gold Coast Marathon is better than Christmas? You be the judge. Here all about it and make your decision in this article by Vision PT.
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Weight Loss Articles

By Jack Smith at Southport


So, yet another Gold Coast Marathon has come and gone, for all who know me know that The Gold Coast Marathon Weekend is as exciting for me as Christmas or birthdays is for others.  But this hasn't always been the case.... When I first started on my own journey of health I could think of nothing worse than getting up at 4am on a Saturday or Sunday to run 5.7, 10, 21 or 42km alongside 30,000 people up and down the Gold Coast Highway. 

My First GC Marathon experience started as a support crew to Vision clients whilst I was a mentee just starting my career at Vision Southport, I was encouraged (forced) to join in with the culture and support the numerous members of the studio to help them get through their individual events.  This first Saturday setting up the marquee, stretching clients, running the 10km and cheering from the sidelines had me hooked and the feeling grows each year.  This event gives me a true understanding of our Vision Values where we "Build Communities Transforming People's Lives".  Both being a participant and a supporter, each year I'm absolutely amazed at the culture and atmosphere all people from all different aspects of life coming together with one common goal of getting out of their comfort zone to achieve something they struggle with.  The distance doesn't matter, whether it's your first 5.7km run or you want to win the field in the 42.2km marathon, this event brings people together like nothing else.

This year I had the most humbling and satisfying experience at the marathon, being given the opportunity and trust to guide a client and run alongside her the full 42.2km to hit a PB.  Throughout my time in the fitness industry I have had some fantastic experiences helping clients achieve weight loss, recover from illness and gain mental strength but this marathon has been close to being top.  To be trusted to share an experience where a rollercoaster of emotions is commonplace, an endurance event that has seen many people crumble and hurt was truly special.  Running side by side, sharing the ups and downs with Cendra and knowing the months of work together previously had led to this day made running that last kilometre past the tents and into the final chute that much more special.

Being a part of a brand like Vision Personal Training makes me unbelievably proud on weekends like this, where complete strangers will support each other purely because they share the same logo on their singlet, where franchise owners and trainers will stand at the tent or run the track just purely to give that extra 5% to get people home and they finish the weekend not only with sore legs but also without a voice from the amount of encouragement given.

I was so proud to see anyone decide to commit to any distance event, as I know that feeling running the last kilometre having people scream at you in encouragement makes every single painful step seem worthwhile.  Whether it's your first running event or your 100th, that feeling never changes and I will continue to make the Gold Coast Marathon Weekend the first weekend noted in my diary for many more years to come.

The weekend is over, but the feelings remain.  Now to get back on the job to make 2018 even bigger and better than 2017, I know you will be hooked from your first taste.


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