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Friends With Benefits

Here at Vision PT, we know your circle of influence can have an impact on your results.
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Chris Jovcevski at Bangor

Being a health professional since 2008 has helped me realise the importance of friends in fitness. It is a huge benefit to your health and fitness goals. Surround yourself with a person that is working towards a similar goal to you. It's even better if you can surround yourself around multiple people that have a similar goal. People that have achieved huge results have always had the help of other people around them.


Increased Accountability (You will get up for someone else over yourself)

Team Comradery (Being a part of a team gives you support and a mission)

Competitiveness (If you see someone doing better then you, you lift your game!)

Support (When you have a bad day this person can help you get through it and visa versa)

Social Proof (It's great to have people recognise that you are doing awesome along the way, the kind words like … You couldn't do that last time, You killed that session or You are doing do well)

Ideally you want these people to be in your current inner circle - Your partner, family or close friends. 

I am a believer in a 'sexy red line'. It works like this.

 Accountability       Faith       Ownership      Temporary Defeat        Truth      Trust


  Denial         Excuses          Blame          Anger        Failure        Manipulation

If you have the negative influences around you, it is your choice in how you react to them. Take ownership of your own actions. Make friends with people that have personal health and fitness goals. There are so many small gyms, big gyms and personal trainers out there at the moment. Find one that's fits your values and personality.

Pick your fitness friends according to how they live their lives, their own results and what they are currently working towards. They will be the people that help you when you are down. Also you have to want to return the favour, especially when they need a pick me up!

Turn your BFF (Best Friend Forever) into a TFF (Training Friend Forever). Then you can enjoy the process of achieving your health and fitness goals together.

Everything else aside, the celebration party is super great when you have friends that have supported you the whole time.


Chris Jovcevski

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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