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Find your Why

What is your why? Let our experts at Vision Personal Training explain why finding your why could improve all aspects of your life!
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Weight Loss Articles

By Jack Smith at Southport

A big enough "why" will overcome almost any "How".

On any journey we decide to take; whether it be health & fitness, relationships or career; there will always be obstacles and roadblocks along the way designed to test our mental strength & resolve.  These challenges can either make or break the end result, but it is us who is in complete control of how much we let these challenges affect us.

In this realm of health & fitness, there are challenges thrown at us on a daily basis: friends wanting us to eat or drink with them, busy work lives, stressful relationships, even a cold or rainy day can be a barrier if we let it!  It is important on any journey to have clarity and consistency of focus on "why" we started, solid focus on our why will always help us to find solutions when problems arise instead of letting it slow us down.  Our "why" can be as simple as wanting to look good in a bikini or complex as reducing blood sugar issues to keep type 2 diabetes at bay to live a longer life.  Our "why" is our own personal motivator for when things do get tough, keep it in front of us at all times to remind us that the payoff is a far greater reward than the sacrifice it takes to achieve it.  Nothing worth having comes easy, but if your "why" is important to you then you will always look for a way to still achieve the goal.


Take the time to reflect on your journey, how far you have come and how far you still have to go.  Confront the brutal reality of your current situation, your positives and your negatives.  Assess right now all the things you are doing really well and find the things that need to improve.  Be brutally honest, after all if you really have a strong "why" then it's important to grow and keep moving forward & harsh self assessment will help this process.  Look back on the journey so far, be proud of the wins along the way and be inspired that through the journey so far, you haven't given up.  Look ahead to the end goal.  What needs to be done now to get to the long term goal?  How much clarity do you have about the end goal?  Visualise exactly the end goal, then tie that in the "why".  Keeping these two together will help push you along when you lack the motivation.

There will always be days when you feel like giving up or feel under too much pressure.  THINK ABOUT YOUR WHY.  Success doesn't happen when everything is easy and the wins come naturally, success comes from all the days when it's hard or motivation isn't there but you keep going anyway.  Having your "why" in the forefront of your mind during those high stress periods will help to keep pushing you along.  Nothing worth having comes easy.  If we choose to improve our position, whether it be our health, our relationships or or career then we have to expect that to raise a level then you are open to expecting a higher level or trouble or conflict.  At every jump in life, the difficulties and tests simply get harder, but if your "why" is strong enough then you will find a way to get through.  Life is hard, progressing to a higher level in life is harder; but if the goal and "why" are big enough you will find a way, which means the payoff will be so much sweeter.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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