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Fat Loss 101

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Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By John O'Donnell at Marrickville

When it comes to weight loss too many of us think we can simply exercise that stomach away. But unfortunately, you can't out train a bad diet. Below are some tips to help burn that stubborn fat and get your metabolism working for you.

1. Nutrition is Key. Up to 70% percent of weight loss results come from what you fuel your body with. So, it only makes sense to follow a structured diet. A good diet is one that is sustainable and is adaptable to your lifestyle. It should include a wide variety of carbohydrates (CHO), protein (PTN) and unsaturated fats to insure you're not only hitting your macronutrients but also getting enough vitamins and minerals

2. Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail. It's so easy and only takes a few minutes to do, but all too often we see people make this mistake. Take 10 minutes to set aside each night for planning your next day's meals. This is made even simpler when using apps like Vision Virtual Training.

3. Eating frequency. Aim to eat 5-6 small meals a day. Each meal should contain about 30g of PTN. This will help to boost your metabolism by using the thermic effect of food (the amount of energy required to digest) and help reduce the amount of insulin that is released into your blood stream. Simply doing this can burn as many calories as half an hour of moderate cardio.

4. Exercise. Now this seems obvious, doesn't it? But just like with our nutrition it's about doing the right type of exercise at the right intensity. While cardio is important and can and should be used to great effect in a fat loss program. We find resistance training to be superior. The goal of resistance training is to pack on lean muscle. This results in a higher BMR (basal metabolic rate) which means you burn a higher number of calories while at rest.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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